North High School Alumni Hall of Fame
* = deceased
1987: North High Hall of Fame established by
North High Administration
Chair: Dr. Paul Devin, Principal
Nominations must be submitted to:
Polar Bear Partners
North High School Hall of Fame Committee
c/o 501 Holcomb Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50313
Nominations are due with cut-off date of January 2, 2011. Exception was for the year 2010, and the cut-off date was January 30, 2010. Nominees/candidates must have graduated from North High School. Nominations can be carried for one additional year and reconsidered a second year as well.
For the initial year of 1987, ten nominees/candidates were inducted. For every year since 1987, voting for a maximum of four nominees has occurred and those four have been designated for induction. Yearly a selection of bios of nominees is sent to existing living members of the North High Hall of Fame who are asked to vote on a designated number of candidates, not to exceed four in any single year, for selection of the incoming inductees for that calendar year. On occasion, there has been only one inducted, and sometimes none is inducted. Notification of inductee selection follows with induction usually occurring at North High's All-School Reunion held in early May of that year or at a selected North High assembly or event.
Hall of Fame Inductee List by Year of Induction
1987Wallace Hume Carothers*19141996Marlene Rene Fisher, Ph.D.1974
Joseph Chaikin*1952Wayne Franklin Fox*1937
John Harry Connors*1942Wardell Caesar Smith1955
Joseph M. Coppola*19331997Jack Edward Buss*1947
John Raymond Grubb*1935Duane Walter Ellett*1941
John Ruan*1931Thomas Roscoe Drake1961
Robert Ray Scott*1939John Franklin "Jack" Krantz*1946
Robert Wayne Skidmore*19282000Dr. Richard Wilson Hammer*1945
Roger Williams (Louis Jacob Weertz)*1942Sidney Maxweld Kirby*1936
Ralph G. Zarnow*1987Lewis Bertram McGrane*1914
1988Dr. James Everett Bowman*1940Lois Elaine Thompson* 1938
Myrna Elizabeth Foster19672002Robert Marshall Moorehead*1939
Charles Christopher Johnson*1939William Lewis McGinnis1965
James Locke Macomber, Jr. 1941Michael Richard Myers*1967
1989Dr. George Gray Caudill, M.D.*1940Ruth Delores Raines*1948
Stephen Dean Gibbons*19622003JoAnn Mary (Barberio) Zimmerman1959
Kate Marsh Goldman*1936James Braddie Morris, Jr.*1937
Philip Gamaliel Hubbard*1939Beverly Jeanne Moses*1940
1990Charles Leslie Austin1949Michael Patrick Orr1965
Arthur John Edmunds*19402004Allen Ernest Anderson1965
Francis Edward Keith* 1948Joseph A. Ginsberg*1937
Rabbi Stanley Rabinowitz*1935Albert Laurence Jennings1952
1991James J. Muto*1925 James Edward Wise* 1945
Bob Edward Rice*19522005Linda Sue (Bowman) Lane1967
Catherine Gayle Virginia Williams* 1932 Claradell (Gergely) Shedd 1953
Dr. R.C. (Richard Curtis) Wooters*1942Robert Lee Hammer1953
1992Melvin J. Bowen, Jr.*1935Richard Clair Swift*1949
Nadean (Lind) Hamilton*19422006Neil Almon Parmenter*1956
Judge Joseph Clemens Howard*1987Eleanor Ruth (Tannus) Brownawell Taheny*1950
Dr. Hugh Mitchell Johnson19412007Jerold Chase Mathews1948
1993Neal Balanoff *19402009David Michael Lewis*1968
Cecil Hillard Brewton, Jr.*19442010Richard Norman Jurgens1967
Cristine Louise (Swanson) Wilson*1963Paul Allen Ramsey*1940
Judge Richard Allen Strickler*1943Wendell Walker Kempton*1950
1994Celina (Karp) Biniaz19482011Gwendylon Davis 1946
Barbara Lenore (Meier) Prior1948Cleota Marie (Proctor) Wilbekin1948
Frank Booker Robinson, Jr.19512012Howard Wilson Brooks*1927
1994(+)G. Kinsey Stewart*1943 Connie Sue (Ritter) Cook1964
1995Frank John Bias*1937Bill Horace Wheeler1971
 Dr. Richard William Evans1961 2013Abraham Akiba Toubes*1924
 Marjorie Lynn (Lijegren) VanVooren*1964 2015Larry Clark Martindale1959
1995Henry Gordon Peterson, Jr.*1934 Patrick Woodrow Moran1963
1996Cecil Wayne Dunn*1944 xxx
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