North High School Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame
* = deceased
For nomination to the North High Athletes Hall of Fame, the candidate must:
1.Have graduated from North High prior to nomination
2.Have been an All-State First or Second Team selection or
3.Have won a State Championship or have been a Runner-up or
4. Have held a State or National Record or
5.Have been named a High School All-American or
6.Have, after graduation, earned National, State, Collegiate, or other special recognition for achievement in athletics or
7.Have been employed as a member of the North High Coaching Staff or
8.Have been voted in by majority of the members, in good standing, of the NHS Coaches Association for outstanding contributions to North High athletics
9. Example: in 1994 there was a smaller number of inductees. This is the result of a wider range of votes having been cast. Each coach votes for eight candidates. A candidate must receive a majority of the votes cast to be elected. This year the votes were spread out among so many candidates only three received enough votes to be elected.
10. History: The official induction ceremonies for the inaugural group of athletes into the North High "Athletes Hall of Fame" took place at the Fort Des Moines Hotel in Independence Hall on Saturday, May 6, 1989 at 1:30pm. The initial list of inductees numbered 48.
11. Nomination may be made by any current faculty member or coach, any former faculty member or coach, or any North High alumnus.
12. Nominations may be made at any time, and all nominations will be kept on file for future consideration.
Athletic Hall of Fame Listed by Year of Graduation
1906Glen Simonfootball, track 1950Paul D. Slackswimming
1907William T. "Billy" Shermanfootball, coach 1951JoAnn Speer Wormley*synchronized swimming
1908Willis O'Brienfootball, track1951William "Bill" Wrightfootball
1918William Scarpinofootball, track1952Robert L. "Bob" Klisares*football
1919Darwin V. Collinsfootball1953Clair D. Austin*baseball
1919Joyce Allen football1953Loy Brooksbaseball
1920Curtis Morton football1954George Brewer,, track
1920Russell Ross football1954Sylvester "Sy" Forrester*track
1922Robert "Bob" Watkinsfootball1955Karen Biesemeyer Bittlesynchronized swimming
1929-36Johnny Johnson* coach1955Gail Annable Froyen synchronized swimming
1932Robert "Bob" Earlfootball, track1955-90Robert "Bob" Lawsoncoach
1932Donald B. Emeryfootball, swimming, track1955Wardell Caesar Smith cross country, track
1933-65Theresa "Andy" Anderson* coach1955Richard "Dick" Weatherly baseball, football,swimming
1933Earl C. Dennis baseball1957-90Orval A. Kneeathletic director, coach
1933Charles Carson Orebaugh*football, basketball 1959Albert "Butcher" Earl Colliertrack
1934James E. Lyle*track, coach1964Clyde E. Duncan track
1934George W. Robinson track1965"Jackie" S. Lyle Grossnicklesynchronized swimming
1935James J. Ahern*football1966Steve D. Lundholm football
1935William Pallwitz basketball1967Richard David Hallbasketball
1936-46Arden I. "Mac" McClaincoach1967Jamel "Jim" Kirbyfootball, track
1936Andrew "Andy" Riggs*football, basketball1970Robert "Bob" E. Florencebasketball
1937Edward "Ed" Beisser*football, basketball1970Alex C. Glann coach
1937Darrell Arthur Kiddiebaseball1970Marty Blair Smithfootball, wrestling
1938Gerald "Gary" Bashfootball,basketball, baseball1970Jack C. Welchwrestling
1938James F. "Bud" Collinsfootball,basketball, baseball1971Kelly Randolph Evansbasketball
1938Russell F. Millerwrestling1971-77Dave D. Hooper football, baseball
1939Robert L. "Bob" Kissickfootball,basketball, baseball1972Dallas Smith basketball
1939Bill (Bill) C. Parkerfootball1974Mark Morrowtennis
1940John "Jack" Joseph Dawsonbaseball1975Bruce Smith football, basketball
1941Daniel Kroloff*football1976Jim A. Cavefootball
1941-47Francis X.Cretzmeyercoach1978Marcus Butts football
1941Doris E. Popple* tennis1978Deanne R. Hodges basketball
1942Doug Robisonswimming1978Greg J. Hollandfootball
1942Sam Shifflerdiving1978Kevin L. Nichols football
1945Robert "Bob" Hansmanfootball1982-04Mel Green,, cc coach
1945Jack Wichmanswimming,diving1983-90George Davis track coach
1945Richard E. Keithfootball, swimming1983Anne E. Holland Townsendbasketball
1946Keith D. Bakerbaseball1985Elizabeth "Liz" Messerlytrack
1946John M. Estes,,basketball, baseball1986Dee Dee James track
1946-60George L. Falk*coach1987Terry "Rico" L. Burkettbasketball, baseball
1946Robert E. Nelsonfootball, track 1987Lisa Kay Simpsontrack
1946Mary C. Maloy Nordstrom swimming1989Deborah K. Ford track
1946Roger K. Wattsswimming, track 1989Lisa M. Montgomerybasketball
1947Gordon M. Chapman* tennis1991Andre G. Allenfootball,basketball
1947Doris Jensen Bluetennis1991Hurl L. Beechum,III basketball
1947Joseph "Joe" Popple*tennis1992Jessica JoLynn Burgusswimming
1948Conrad ''Connie" Jonestrack1992Kyren Pinks football, track, basketball
1948Reginald 'Reggie" Kaisertrack1993DeMar MarTay Jenkinsfootball,basketball, baseball
1948George Nichols track1994Tashika N. Lewisvolleyball, track, basketball
1948Clyde E. Titus*football1995Amy Kelcesoftball
1949Harold W. Bingaman football1995Glenn Phillips football, basketball
1949Karilyn Kay Adams Cassillsynchronized swimming1996Robert Eugene Cole football, wrestling
1949Marilyn May Adams Holmessynchronized swimming1998Andrew "Andy" S. Hodgesfootball,basketball, baseball
1949Roberta "Bobbie" Capps Levine*tennis1998Jennifer Lynn Hohrmann basketball, track
1949Gary T. Scotttrack2000Sullivan C. Baccam wrestling
1950Paul B. Bosley*swimming2001Darryl Alexanderfootball, track
1950Dale A. Lucasswimming2001Larry Pecina coach/staff/booster
1950Dan R. Reeceswimming2006Bob McCarthycoach/booster/ROTC
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